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Drum Stand

Q.Can I mount a pair of PM-3 monitor speakers on the MDS-20BK?

A.Yes. You can mount the PM-3 monitor speakers on the MDS-20BK using the special clamp set that comes with the PM-3. The pictures displayed next show how to use the clamp set. You can place the PM-3 speakers anywhere on the top horizontal pipe of the MDS-20BK with these clamps. Make sure you locate the speakers with enough clearance so that they will not impede the playing of the pads and cymbals.

In the case you have the old brackets:
It is not possible to use the old brackets to attach the PM-3 monitor speakers on the MDS-20BK. Please contact a Roland dealer or an authorized Roland Service Center to purchase a pair of new brackets (Service Part #SU000071 Hatched T-fitting).


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