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Sampling groovebox

Q.What genres of music does the MC-909 have in the pattern mode?

A.The MC-909 comes with 215 patterns as shown below. Other than these, there are 440 patterns for RPS (short phrases of one instrument such as drums, bass, and synthesizer). There are 655 patterns altogether.

Techno: 22 patterns
Minimal: 13 patterns
Hardcore: 5 patterns
Ambient: 6 patterns
Drum'n'Bass: 13 patterns
Break Beats: 14 patterns
Euro Trance: 9 patterns
Hard Trance: 11 patterns
Psychedelic Trance: 7 patterns
UK HardHouse: 7 patterns
US HardHouse: 7 patterns
Progressive: 7 patterns
Garage: 10 patterns
Disco: 3 patterns
House: 6 patterns
R&B: 18 patterns
Hip Hop: 13 patterns
G-Funk 11 patterns
Abstract: 6 patterns
Electro: 6 patterns
Electronica: 9 patterns
Reggae: 12 patterns


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