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Sampling groovebox

Q.What kind of / how many effects does the MC-909 have ?

A.The MC-909 has 2 MFXs (multi-effect, 38 selectable for MFX1 and 47 selectable for MFX2), 1 compressor (with an equalizer), 1 reverb (4 selectable), and 1 mastering effect (3-band compressors).

The insertion of the multi-effect and compressor is selectable for each part. So you can insert the multi-effect and compressor for several parts at a time. You can also connect the compressor, multi-effect 1, and multi-effect 2 in the serial order.

The reverb can be changed by adjusting the send level for each part independently.
The mastering effect is applied on all parts globally. Mastering effects cannot be changed per part.


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