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Q.How can I restore the initial setting of the MC-909 ?


Follow these steps to restore the original factory settings of the MC-909.

CAUTION 1: When you execute Factory Preset, the data of the internal user memory will be lost. If the internal memory of the MC-909 contains data that you want to keep, you must save it on Smart Media or via USB to your computer.

Never turn off the power while Factory Reset is being executed. Doing so may destroy the contents of memory.

1. Press [MENU]

2. Use [CURSOR] to select "Utility."

3. Press [ENTER] to access the Utility menu.

4. Press [F4 (Factory Reset)].
A warning message will appear.

5. To execute a Factory Reset, press [F6 (Execute)].
The Factory Reset will be carried out.

When the screen indicates "Please Power Off," turn the power off, then on again.
NOTE: If you decide not to proceed with the reset, press [F5 (Cancel)].


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