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Sampling groovebox

Q.Sometimes the MC-808's motorized faders don't move automatically. Why does this happen?

A.The MC-808 provides a function that lets you choose whether the faders' motors will operate or not. Use the following procedure:

  1. Press SYSTEM.
  2. Hold SHIFT and press Keyboard Pad 1 to select "Panel."
  3. Use the CURSOR buttons to select "Fader Motor Sw" (Fader Motor Switch).
  4. Use the VALUE dial to select "ON" or "OFF."
  5. If you wish for the Fader Motor Switch setting to be saved when the MC-808 is powered off and back on again, press WRITE. Then, press EXIT after the WRITE procedure is completed. (If you don't want to save your setting, simply press EXIT.)

When the Fader Motor Switch is ON, the motorized faders will move automatically. However, the faders are also touch-sensitive--when a fader is touched, its motor will disengage and the fader will follow your manual operation.

You can return the fader to automatic mode by holding the button for the currently selected fader function (PART LEVEL, PART PAN, SYNTHESIZER 1, or SYNTHESIZER 2) and pressing the part button for that fader's part. Alternatively, you can press EXIT.


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