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Sampling groovebox

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Q.Is my product compatible with the OS X Lion (10.7)?


Compatibility with OS X Lion (10.7) Here you can get ・・・

Q.What can I do using the MC-808's eight motorized faders?


The MC-808's eight motorized faders allow you to control many ・・・

Q.Are the MC-808's sounds and data compatible with earlier MC-series Groovebox models (MC-909, MC-307, MC-505, MC-303, D2)?


No. The MC-808 incorporates all new sounds and data to best ・・・

Q.What can I do using the dedicated editor software included with the MC-808?


The MC-808 itself is designed for intuitive operation in a ・・・

Q.Sometimes the MC-808's motorized faders don't move automatically. Why does this happen?


The MC-808 provides a function that lets you choose whether ・・・

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