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Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier

Q.Can I mount the MOBILE CUBE on a mic stand?

A.Yes. The bottom of the MOBILE CUBE provides a mount so that it can be set on a straight microphone stand. This mount has an adaptor installed that fits a mic stand with a 3/8-inch diameter. If your mic stand has a 5/8-inch diameter, remove the adaptor to mount the MOBILE CUBE on the stand. (Note: When not using the MOBILE CUBE mounted on a mic stand, leave the mic stand adaptor installed to avoid sound leakage.)

For safe and stable operation, use a heavy-duty straight mic stand with a tripod base, and expand the legs to a width of 63 cm (23-13/16 inches) or greater. Always use the stand on a level surface, and don’t raise the height—including the MOBILE CUBE—above 125 cm (49-1/4 inches).


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