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Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier

Q.How does “CENTER CANCEL” work?

A.CENTER CANCEL reduces the volume of sounds that are located in the center of the stereo field. Typically, this would be a vocal or lead guitar part on a commercial recording. Reducing the volume of these parts is useful for karaoke-style performances or music practice. On the MOBILE CUBE, you can apply CENTER CANCEL to a stereo signal arriving at the AUX IN jack, such as that from a CD or MP3 player.

Note 1: CENTER CANCEL works best on dry (unprocessed) vocal and instrument sounds located directly in the center of the stereo image. If the sound is panned slightly to either side—or if a stereo effect such as reverb has been applied to the sound—CENTER CANCEL will be less effective.

Note 2: Applying CENTER CANCEL to data-compressed audio—such as an MP3 played from a digital audio player—may have unusual sounding results, depending on the compression method used to encode the audio. If you use an iPod, try using “Apple Lossless Encoding” as the compression method to achieve the best results.


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