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Guitar Amplifier

Q.What types of COSM amps does the MICRO CUBE provide?

A.The MICRO CUBE provides seven COSM amp types (six guitar amp types and a dedicated MIC algorithm).

You can choose from the following types.

Note: The company and product names presented here are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. These names are used only to describe the sounds that each COSM amp type simulates.

ACOUSTIC An original amp type that simulates an acoustic guitar sound
from a standard electric guitar input
JC CLEAN Models the Roland JC-120
BLACK PANEL Models the Fender Twin Reverb
BRIT COMBO Models the Vox AC-30TB
CLASSIC STACK Models the Marshall JMP1987
R-FIER STACK Models the MESA/Boogie Rectifier
MIC Choose this type if you've connected a mic


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