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Video Mix/Live Switcher

Q.Does LVS-400 support PAL? How can I switch LVS-400 to support PAL from NTSC?


To switch from NTSC to PAL, follow the procedure below.

While pressing and holding down "OUTPUT ON/OFF" and "OUTPUT" together, press the "POWER" button. When you start LVS-400 next time by pressing the POWER button, V-4 will start in the PAL mode. To return to the NTSC mode, press and hold "OUTPUT ON/OFF" and "OUTPUT" together, and press the "POWER" button again.

* PAL is the color TV broadcasting method used in Europe and Southeast Asia. If LVS-400 is set to the PAL mode, video cannot be recorded and played back with the video and TV sets sold in Japan.

Note: Switching between NTSL and PAL is newly added to Version 2.0.


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