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Q.I understand that the keyboards on Roland's high-end digital piano models are equipped with an "escapement mechanism." What is this?


The escapement is the mechanism in a grand piano that allows the hammer of a key to fall away from the string after it's struck, making it easier to play soft notes repeatedly.

When you softly press a key on an acoustic grand piano, you'll notice a certain click or soft "catch" toward the end of the range of motion. This distinctive catch is caused by the escapement mechanism. (Upright pianos don't have escapement mechanisms; this feature is only found on grand pianos.)

By sensing this subtle catch in his or her fingertips, the pianist is able to play the softest possible pianissimo notes. This makes the escapement mechanism an important factor in performance expression.

A Roland keyboard equipped with an escapement mechanism provides the same "catch" and feel as an acoustic grand piano.


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