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Q.How can I obtain musical scores for the songs that are built into my Roland piano?


The built-in songs in Roland's digital pianos can be divided into two categories:

1. Original songs that were created for Roland digital pianos

2. Existing classical or popular songs

Roland Corporation does not distribute or sell musical scores for songs in Category 1.

You can obtain commercially available scores for songs in Category 2. In the case of popular songs, however, the arrangement may differ considerably depending on the printed musical score. Even for classical pieces, please be aware that a portion of the composition may have been omitted to fit in the space available in the piano's memory, or the piece may have been arranged differently from the available score.

Certain Roland piano models may have included printed music scores, or a copy of a score may have been distributed as part of a promotional campaign. These are not offered for individual sale by Roland Corporation.


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