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Digital Intelligent Piano

Q.What can I do when I connect a Roland piano to my computer?

A.Most Roland pianos are equipped with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) connectors. MIDI allows your piano to communicate with another MIDI device, such as a computer equipped with a MIDI interface.

In addition, some Roland pianos have a USB (Universal Serial Bus) connector built-in, allowing you to use a single cable to connect directly to a USB-equipped computer.

By installing appropriate software on your computer, you can greatly extend the functionality of your Roland digital piano. Depending on your computer's specifications and the application software you use, you can do many different things, some of which are described below.

  • Record and play back your performance together with an accompaniment.
  • Create your own arrangement with bass, drums, and guitar on the computer, and play the piano along with this accompaniment.
  • View and edit a musical score of your piano performance.
  • Download SMF music data from the Internet and play it back using the sounds in your Roland piano, or simply play along as your computer plays the SMF music data.
  • Load a favorite image into your piano and display it as the background image in an external score display. (This functionality is available with the KR-7 series and similar models equipped with an external display connector.)


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