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4-Ch Mixing Keyboard Amplifier

Q.What type of subwoofer is suitable for use with the KC-series amps?

A.The Roland KCW-1 Powered Subwoofer is a perfect companion for any KC-series amp. It features a built-in crossover that allows you to adjust the frequency balance between the subwoofer and the KC-series amp. By adjusting the crossover point with the CROSSOVER knob and the KCW-1's overall level, you can achieve optimal low-frequency performance in any acoustic environment.

The KCW-1 has two inputs, allowing for the connection of a single KC-series amp or two stereo-linked KC-series amps.

A KC-series amp's SUBWOOFER OUT jack outputs a full-range, +4 dBu signal. Any standard powered subwoofer that accepts +4 dBu signals can be used with a KC-series amp.


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