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JUNO-G Version 2.0


Q.I'm trying to record an audio track on the JUNO-G. However, after recording for about a minute, I get a message saying "Sample Memory Full!" and then recording stops. Why is this?

A.It sounds like the internal memory of your JUNO-G has not been expanded. If you want to record audio tracks for an extended length of time, you'll need to expand the memory with an optional DIMM.

On the JUNO-G, audio track recording is fixed at 16-bit linear with a sample rate of 44.1 kHz. If you have not expanded the internal memory, the JUNO-G has a maximum of 4 MB of memory available for recording. In this case, the recording time will be approximately 47 seconds for monaural recording or 23.5 seconds for stereo recording.

If you fully expand the JUNO-G's memory with a 512 MB DIMM (giving you a total of 516 MB), the maximum available recording time will be approximately 102 minutes for monaural recording or 51 minutes for stereo recording.


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