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JUNO-G Version 2.0


Q.The JUNO-G has a Patch mode and a Performance mode. What's the difference between them?

A.When playing the JUNO-G, you'll use one of the following two modes:

Patch mode

Patch mode is used to play a single patch or rhythm set. You'll most often use this mode when you play the JUNO-G in a band or a solo performance. From other modes, you can return to Patch mode at any time by pressing [PATCH]. The JUNO-G allows you to easily select and edit patches, and to store your edits to user or card memory locations.

Performance mode

Performance mode--allows the JUNO-G to simultaneously play up to 16 different patches and/or rhythm sets. This is great for playing multiple patches at once from the keyboard, creating one massive sound. You'll also use Performance mode when recording a song with the onboard song recorder, and when you use the JUNO-G with an external MIDI sequencer. To select Performance mode, press [PERFORM] so its indicator is lit.

The settings in a JUNO-G performance are controlled from one of two screens: the PERFORM PLAY screen and the PART MIXER screen.

Use the PERFORM PLAY screen to set up the JUNO-G to play two or more patches together (layer), or play different patches in separate areas of the keyboard (split). To access the PERFORM PLAY screen, press [PERFORM] so its indicator is lit.


Use the PART MIXER screen to individually adjust pan, level, and other settings for each of the performance's 16 parts. To access the PART MIXER screen, press [PART MIXER] so its indicator is lit.


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