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JUNO-G Version 2.0


Q.When I turn on the JUNO-G's power, the demo song "Say It" is always loaded automatically. Can I keep it from being loaded so that the song memory remains empty after power-up?

A.With the factory settings, the JUNO-G is set to automatically load the demo song into the temporary area when you turn on the power. If desired, you can change this setting so that the demo song is not loaded. Use the following procedure:

  1. Press EDIT [MENU].
  2. Use the up/down cursor buttons to select "2. System", and then press [ENTER].
  3. Press [F1 (GENERAL)], and then press [F2 (AUTO LD)].
  4. Use the up/down cursor buttons to select "Load Demo Song at Startup."
  5. Use the VALUE dial or [INC][DEC] to select "OFF."
  6. Press [F6 (WRITE)] to save the setting.


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