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JUNO-G Version 2.0


Q.Can I use the JUNO-G to capture audio data from a CD or mic--or import WAV/AIFF format audio data--and then play these sounds from the keyboard as a sample?

A.Yes, you can. The JUNO-G lets you capture audio data or load WAV/AIFF files, edit this data, and play these sounds at different pitches from the keyboard. Samples loaded in this way can be handled by audio tracks, or used just like the built-in waveforms of the sound generator section.

You can get audio data into the JUNO-G in either of the following ways:

  • Recording an audio track
    The JUNO-G contains a song recorder that can record up to four separate tracks of audio. This allows you to capture sound from a CD player or mic connected to the audio input jacks into the sound generator section as a "sample." Performance data for this sample will be recorded as a "sample event" on an audio track in the song recorder. (If desired, the playback of the JUNO-G's internal sound generator can also be recorded as a sample.)
    *For details on how to record an audio track, refer to "Recording a Song (Audio Track)" in the JUNO-G Owner's Manual.

  • Loading a WAV/AIFF file
    Via USB, WAV/AIFF format files can be loaded from a computer into the JUNO-G and used as samples for audio tracks or patch creation.
    *For details on this procedure, refer to "Importing an Audio File (Import Audio)" in the JUNO-G Owner's Manual.
    Once a sample is in the JUNO-G, you can play it from the keyboard using the Sample Patch function. To play a sample patch, access the PATCH PLAY screen, and then select either USAM (user samples) or CSAM (card samples).

Note about samples:

A JUNO-G "sample" is a digital recording of a sound created by audio track recording on the JUNO-G. (WAV/AIFF format files that you import into the JUNO-G via USB are also handled as samples.) A sample consists of the actual waveform data along with parameters such as the start point, loop start, and loop end that tell the JUNO-G how to play the sample. The JUNO-G can hold a maximum of 9000 samples (2000 user samples and 7000 card samples).
For details about how samples and songs are related, refer to the related FAQ:

The JUNO-G has a Patch mode and a Performance mode, as well as "songs," "samples," "MIDI tracks," and "audio tracks." What are these?


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