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Q.I’ve heard that the JUNO-D is a light, easy-to-carry keyboard. How much does it weigh?


The weight of the JUNO-D is approx. ・・・

Q.I understand that the SH-201 has been designed for an entry-level user. How does it differ from the JUNO-D, which is also positioned as a synthesizer for the entry-level user?


Both the SH-201 and the JUNO-D are compact, lightweight, and ・・・

Q.Can I audition JUNO-D patches without playing the keyboard?


Yes, you can. The “Patch Audition” function allows you to ・・・

Q.What can I do with the Juno-D’s D-Beam controller?


The JUNO-D’s D-Beam controller provides you with the following ・・・

Q.How is the JUNO-D’s memory organized?


The JUNO-D contains onboard memory which is used to retain and ・・・

Q.Can I save JUNO-D patch and performance settings to an external sequencer?


Yes, you can. Use the “XFER to MIDI“ function to save ・・・

Q.What does the JUNO-D’s “Rhythm Guide“ function do?


The Rhythm Guide provides 32 different pre-arranged rhythm ・・・

Q.Could you describe the JUNO-D’s Patch mode and Performance mode?


When playing the JUNO-D, you’ll use one of the following two ・・・

Q.Does the JUNO-D have a function that allows you to play a preset chord voicing by pressing a single key?


Yes. The JUNO-D’s "multi-chord memory" function allows ・・・

Q.Is there a software editor that allows me to edit JUNO-D patches from my PC?


The JUNO-D Editor software, included as an accessory with the ・・・

Q.When I playback a MIDI song using an XP/XV/RS/JUNO/JV/Fantom-series instrument, only one instrument plays. Why does this happen?


Most likely, Patch mode has been selected by mistake. ・・・

Q.Does Roland sell a keyboard stand specifically for use with the JUNO-D?


No, Roland does not manufacture a keyboard stand specifically ・・・

Q.Can I use the JUNO-D as a GM/GM2 sound module?


Yes, the JUNO-D can be used as a GM/GM2 sound module. ・・・

Q.Can I use the JUNO-D as a multitimbral sound module when working with an external sequencer?


Yes. When the JUNO-D is in Performance mode, it can function ・・・

Q.Is the JUNO-D equipped with a sequencer?


No, the JUNO-D is not equipped with a sequencer function.

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