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Jazz Chorus Guitar Amplifier

Q.Even though the JC-120 is still in production today, I’ve heard that it might not be possible to repair early generation JC-120s. Why is this?

A.The JC-120 was first introduced in September of 1975. To this day, it has continued to be extremely popular throughout the world.

Similar to an automobile line that maintains the same model name over many years, the JC-120 has undergone various changes throughout the years of its production. These changes include minor component and feature variations that are indicated by the model name (e.g., “JC-120-JT” or “JC-120-U”) printed on the amplifier’s rear panel nameplate.

Roland maintains a continuing effort to retain the basic functionality and specifications through these model changes, and is concerned about the practicalities of repairing the JC-120. However, as electronic parts become obsolete and unavailable over the passage of time, we’re sometimes forced to make changes in the specifications. (In general, it’s difficult to obtain identical electronic parts over a period of twenty years or more.) For this reason, there isn’t 100% repair parts compatibility between the early JC-120 models and those currently manufactured.

Regretfully, we may be unable to perform repairs on a first-generation JC-120 if it requires parts that are no longer available.


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