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Digital Piano

Q.On a Roland digital piano, what changes when I switch the key touch between LIGHT and HEAVY?


Adjusting the key touch changes how key velocity triggers the piano's digital sounds. Key touch is an electronic setting; the physical weight of the keyboard itself doesn't change (i.e., the physical resistance your fingertip receives from the key). However, altering the key touch effectively changes the perceived playing "feel" of the keyboard.

Key touch settings:
  • MEDIUM-replicates the feel of a normal grand piano. This is the default setting on Roland digital pianos.
  • LIGHT-makes the keyboard touch feel lighter. When you select "LIGHT," you'll be able to produce fortissimo (ff) sounds without having to play as strong as usual. This setting allows for easy playing, even by children who have not yet developed full hand strength.
  • HEAVY-makes the keyboard touch feel heavier. When you select "HEAVY," you'll have to play with heavier force than usual in order to produce fortissimo (ff) sounds. This gives you a wider range of dynamic expression.
  • FIXED-makes all notes sound at the same (fixed) volume, no matter how strongly you play the keyboard. This setting emulates a traditional organ.


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