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"HandSonic 15" Hand Percussion Pad

Q.I want to use the FD-7 Hi-Hat Controller with the HPD-15 to control the hi-hat open/closed sound. What settings do I need to make on the HPD-15?

A.The following procedures describe how to set up the HPD-15 for use with the FD-7.

First, set up the HPD-15 for hi-hat control from a pedal:

  1. Connect the FD-7 to the HPD-15's EXP PEDAL/HH CTRL jack.
  2. Press [SYSTEM] to enter System mode.
  3. Press [PARAMETER >] to select "PEDAL Select."
  4. Turn the [PATCH/VALUE] dial to change the setting to HI-HAT.
  5. Press [EXIT].

Next, set the pads and pedal:
  1. In Edit mode, assign an instrument marked with "*F" in the Instrument List to the pad you wish to use as the hi-hat. (Sounds marked with "*F" are for use with a hi-hat pedal. See Pages 92-93 in the HPD-15 Owner's Manual.)
  2. Depress the FD-7's pedal to display the pedal setting screen, and select PEDAL(A1)-PEDAL(C5) (the pad that was assigned to the hi-hat sound in Step 1) to PAD INST of the pedal. (PEDAL(A1)-PEDAL(C5) is located after INST OFF.)

After making these settings, you'll be able to use the FD-7 to control the HPD-15's hi-hat open/closed sounds.


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