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"HandSonic 10" Hand Percussion Pad

Q.What equipment can I connect to the HandSonic 10 (HPD-10)? How can I use the connected equipment?

A.The following illustration shows the equipment types that can be connected to the HandSonic 10 (HPD-10).
Connect the equipment appropriate for your needs (such as rhythm performance or rhythm training).

OptionsModelsMain Applications
Foot SwitchFS-5U
DP-2 etc.
Hi-hat Control
Changing the sound(kit)
Metronome Play/Stop
Effect ON/OFF
Roll ON
Kick Trigger UnitKD-7
KD-8 etc.
Bass drum playing
(Stereo 1/4" phone x 1 - Monaural 1/4" phone x 2)
PCS-31LFor connecting Foot switch,Kick trigger Unite,etc.
Pad StandPDS-10HPD-10 setting
Monitor AmpPM-10Monitoring the performance sound
Audio Cables
(Monaural 1/4" phone x 1 - Monaural 1/4" phone x 1)
PJ-1M etc.Connecting the HPD-10's audio output to the monitor speaker etc...


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