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"HandSonic 10" Hand Percussion Pad

Q.What can I connect to the external trigger jack of the HandSonic 10 (HPD-10)?

A.The HandSonic 10's external trigger jack is compatible with dual-trigger operation.

  • If you use a stereo cable, you can connect a dual-trigger pad (such as the CY-8 or PD-8).
  • If you use an optional PCS-31L cable, you can connect up to two single-trigger pads.
  • If you use a conventional monaural cable (such as the Roland PJ-1M), only one pad can be connected.
The following illustration shows how you can use a PCS-31L cable to connect two kick pads (KD-7) to the HandSonic 10. This setup allows you to perform using a simple drum set and a double bass kick. (For actual use, you'll need to edit the kit selected on the HandSonic 10 so that kick sounds are assigned to the external triggers.)


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