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"HandSonic 10" Hand Percussion Pad

Q.The HandSonic 15 (HPD-15) has fifteen pads, while the HandSonic 10 (HPD-10) has only ten pads. Does the HandSonic 10's fewer number of pads mean that some special playing techniques cannot be used?

A.No, we don't think that having fewer pads will place any particular restrictions or limitations on your performances.

When comparing the pads of the HPD-15 and HPD-10, you'll notice a difference in the number of small pads located around the perimeter of the upper half of each unit.

The HPD-15 has ten small pads (Pads B1-B5 and C1-C5), while the HPD-10 has five small pads (Pads S1-S5). As shown in the illustration below, two small pads on the HPD-15 occupy the same amount of space as one small pad on the HPD-10.

The remaining pads on both the HPD-15 and HPD-10 (A1-A5 and M1-M5) are the same size. The sensing functions (pressure and position sensors) are also the same.

Since the small pads of the HPD-10 are larger than those of the HPD-15, there is less chance that you will strike an adjacent pad by mistake, making the pads easier to play. The HPD-15's ten small pads allow for more complex and sophisticated performances.


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