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"HandSonic 10" Hand Percussion Pad

Q.What are the main differences between the HandSonic 10 and HandSonic 15?



The HPD-15 is the flagship of the HandSonic line. It's equipped with 15 pads of various sizes and two ribbon controllers (located to the left and right of the main panel), allowing you to express every performance nuance. There's also a D Beam controller, and three knobs to modify your sounds in real time.

The built-in sequencer lets you record your performance, and then play it back while adding additional performance elements. This allows you to build a rich percussion performance without the need for any other equipment.


With a large dedicated LCD, ten pads, and a D Beam controller, the HPD-10 functions in the same manner as the HPD-15, but reduces the number of buttons and knobs to simplify operation. Five dedicated buttons are located in the center of the operating panel, allowing you to recall the desired instrument sounds with a single touch.

The HPD-10 also provides a Coach function that helps you to practice rhythms or pad operations, and a Metronome function with a wide range of metronome patterns (including rhythm patterns with various percussion instrument sounds). These features make the HPD-10 an ideal tool for studying percussion and rhythm.
The following core capabilities for serious percussion performance are common to both the HPD-10 and the HPD-15.
  • Pad size ( pad section diameter 10 inch / 25.4 cm )
  • Pressure sensing
  • Position sensing
  • D Beam controller
The following table shows the main differences between the HPD-15 and HPD-10.

Number of pads1510
Number of tones600400
Number of preset kits16064
External trigger inputDual x 1Dual x 1
Mix inputYesYes
Pressure sensingYesYes
Position sensingYesYes
D beam controllerYesYes
Ribbon controllerYesNo
Number of modify knobs31
Display16 characters 2lines
Large LCD
Rhythm coachNoYes
Style guide metronomeNoYes


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