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V-Drums Lite

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Q.What is the difference between the V-Drums Lite HD-1 and the current V-Drums(TD series)?


The pedals, pads, cymbals, and wiring cables are designed to ・・・

Q.Can we adjust the set-up of the HD-1 to fit the player's body?


Yes, you can. Using the hand-knob of the arm-pipe or provided ・・・

Q.Can we play the HD-1 to make sounds of an external sound module or control the HD-1 sound module by the external MIDI device through MIDI?


The V-Drums Lite HD-1 only has a MIDI Out. ・・・

Q.The V-Drums Lite HD-1 does not have a beater for the kick pedal, is there any different feel from the normal acoustic kick pedal?


The HD-1's kick pedal feel is adjusted to "Standard Loose" in ・・・

Q.In the V-Drums Lite HD-1, can we have the different sounds individually in head & rim of the pad or bow & edge of the cymbal?


No, you can't. All the pads of the HD-1 have ・・・

Q.Can we edit the preset sounds of the V-Drums Lite HD-1?


No, you can't. The preset sounds(instruments) are fixed, and ・・・

Q.Can we separately purchase the sound module or individual pads of the V-Drums Lite HD-1?


No, you can't. The HD-1 has all-in-one & pre-positioned ・・・

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