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Guiter Effects Processor

Q.What types of sound can I produce using the GT-8's Guitar Simulator?

A.The GT-8's Guitar Simulator simulates distinctive tonal features of various guitars, such as the pickups and body resonance. This allows you to reproduce the sounds of a variety of different guitars while using a single guitar.

The following types of sound simulation are available:

  1. Single coil pickup --> Humbucking pickup
  2. Humbucking pickup --> Single coil pickup
  3. Humbucking pickup --> Phase-reversed single coil pickup
  4. Single coil pickup --> Full acoustic-type guitar (with a body resonance)
  5. Humbucking pickup --> Full acoustic-type guitar (with a body resonance)
  6. Single coil pickup --> Acoustic guitar
  7. Humbucking pickup --> Acoustic guitar
  8. Piezo pickup --> Acoustic guitar

Normally, you'd choose a sound simulation that converts your particular guitar's characteristics to something different. For example, if your guitar has single coil pickups and you'd like to simulate the sound of a humbucking pickup, you'd choose the “Single coil pickup --> Humbucking pickup” simulation. However, you're bound to find useful tones using any of the simulation algorithms, so feel free to experiment.


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