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Guiter Effects Processor

Q.The GT-8 has an AMP CONTROL button and an AMP jack. What can I do with them?


The Amp Control function allows you to remotely switch the channels on a channel-switching guitar amp from the GT-8. By connecting a cable from the GT-8's AMP CONTROL jack to your amp's channel switch jack, you can toggle the amp's channels by pressing the GT-8's [AMP CTL] button. This function can also be assigned to the GT-8's control pedal for foot control. Additionally, Amp Control settings are saved as part of a patch, allowing you to switch to the desired amp channel along with the selection of a GT-8 patch.

By setting up your amp's channels for two different sounds (e.g., one clean and one distorted) and using the GT-8 to switch between them, you effectively double the range of guitar tones available to you.

  • If your amp is equipped with effects that can be turned on or off with a footswitch (e.g., reverb or vibrato), you can use the Amp Control function to switch them instead.
  • The GT-8's Amp Control function works with foot switch jacks that use 1/4” phone connectors and open/closed switching circuits. To make sure that your particular guitar amp will work with the Amp Control function, refer to the owner's manual for your amp, or simply try it out with the GT-8.


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