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Guiter Effects Processor

Q.My guitar amp has two channels. During a performance, can I switch between them using the GT-8's control pedal (foot switch)?

A.Yes. The GT-8 is equipped with an amp control (AMP CTL) jack. By connecting a cable from this jack to your amp's channel switch jack, you can toggle the amp's channels by pressing the GT-8's [AMP CTL] button.

This function can also be assigned to the GT-8's control pedal for foot control. Amp control parameters are saved as part of a patch, allowing you to switch the guitar amp channel along with the corresponding patch change.

This makes the GT-8 ideal for use as a central guitar system controller in live performance and recording situations.

To make sure that your particular guitar amp will work with the GT-8's amp control function, refer to the owner's manual for your amp, or simply try it out with the GT-8.


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