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Guiter Effects Processor

Q.How have the GT-8’s effects been improved over those found in the GT-6?

A.The GT-8’s effects have been improved over the GT-6’s effects in the following areas:

  1. Advanced COSM amps and speakers
    The GT-8 has two independent COSM amp/speaker effect sections, with up to 46 amp types incorporated in each. You can use the two sections independently, or you can use both at once in a series or cascade connection. You can also create your own original COSM amp type by customizing a preset amp/speaker setting.
  2. Various COSM effects
    There are many new effects, including “Stereo Dual Delay,” “Spring and Modulation Reverb,” “Sitar Simulator,” and “Wave Synth.”
  3. Solo Mode and Dynamic Sense
    The GT-8’s COSM amp has two new performance functions:
    Solo Mode - provides a tone and volume boost for lead playing.
    Dynamic Sense - allows you to seamlessly switch between the two COSM amp sections by using your picking dynamics or guitar’s volume level.
    All of the new effects have been created as part of our ongoing quest to provide guitarists with innovative and practical performance tools.


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