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Guitar Effects System with USB Audio Interface

Q.What can be done when I connect the GS-10 to a PC via USB?

A.With the GS-10 connected to a PC via USB, you can:

  1. edit and create original tones using the included GS-10 Editor software.
  2. save tone settings using the included GS-10 Librarian software.
  3. use it as an audio interface. For example, you can record your guitar playing onto the PC using the included Cakewalk Music Creator software, and listen to songs recorded with Music Creator out of the GS-10’s speakers.
  4. add the GS-10’s effects to Music Creator tracks, and re-record the result.
  5. use it as an MIDI interface. For example, you can connect a MIDI keyboard to the GS-10’s MIDI IN jack, and connect a MIDI sound module to the GS-10’s MIDI OUT. Then you can perform MIDI recording with the keyboard and Music Creator.


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