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Guitar Synthesizer

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Q.Can I use Roland guitar synthesizers and divided pickups with flat-wound guitar strings?


Yes. The GK-series divided pickups are magnetic pickups, ・・・

Q.Are the GK-2, GK-2A, and GK-3 pickups compatible with all GR-series guitar synthesizers equipped with a 13-pin GK pickup connector?


Yes, they are all compatible. However, there are slight ・・・

Q.Roland makes many products with the 13-pin GK connector. Which of these products are not compatible with the GK-2B Divided Pickup?


The GK-2B Divided Pickup was developed specifically for bass. ・・・

Q.I usually use the Select switch on the GK controller to switch between the GK pickup's output and the regular electric guitar's output. Is there a way to switch pickups using the pedals of the GR-20 unit?


No. You must use the Select switch on the GK controller to ・・・

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