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Guitar Synthesizer

Q.Can I attach the GK-3 pickup to a left-handed electric guitar?

A.Yes, you can. Note, though, that the GK-3 pickup is designed for a right-handed guitar. Reversing the pickup for a left-handed instrument isn't a problem; it will work fine. The orientation of the GK controller unit, however, is fixed in a right-handed manner. For this reason, you may find the controller's GK Volume and S1 and S2 switches difficult to use when the controller is mounted on a left-handed guitar.

Additionally, depending on where the GK-3 is attached on a left-handed instrument, you may find that the included normal guitar cable is not long enough to reach from the guitar's output jack to the GK-3's normal pickup input jack. If this is the case, substitute a commercially available guitar cable of the appropriate length.


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