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Guitar Synthesizer

Q.How do I connect the GR-20 to my guitar and amp?

A.1. Mount the GK-3 / GK-2A pickup on your guitar as per the included instructions.
2. Connect your guitarfs output jack to the GK-3 / GK-2A using the short conventional guitar cable included with the GK-3 / GK-2A.
3. Connect the GK-3 / GK-2A 13-pin output to the GR-20's GK IN jack using the included 5 meter GK cable.
4. Connect the GR-20's OUTPUT R (MONO) / L (PHONES) jacks to your keyboard amp, PA system, guitar amp, etc.
5. On the GR-20, repeatedly press SYSTEM EDIT until the OUTPUT/FREQ indicator lights. Then, use the NUMBER/VALUE knob to choose the Output Select setting that's most appropriate for your amplification system (GA for a guitar amp, or Ln for a line level device such as a mixer, keyboard amp, or recorder). When finished, press EXIT.


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