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Divided Pickup

Q.I've connected the GR-20's GUITAR OUT jack to a guitar amp and connected my guitar (via the GK-3 pickup) to GK IN jack. However, I can hear the normal guitar sound only, and not the guitar synth sound. What's wrong?

A.The GR-20's GUITAR OUT jack only outputs the normal guitar sound, and not the synth sound. If you wish to hear both, use the OUTPUT R (MONO) and L (PHONES) jacks. (If your guitar amp has a monaural input, use only the OUTPUT R (MONO) jack.)

Next, you should set the GR-20's Output Select setting to achieve the best sound with a regular guitar amp:

  1. Repeatedly press SYSTEM EDIT until the OUTPUT/FREQ indicator lights.
  2. Use the NUMBER/VALUE knob to select GA (Guitar amp).

  3. Press EXIT.

On the GK-3's controller unit, set the Select switch to the MIX position. To achieve the desired balance between the normal guitar and the GR-20, use the GK-3 controller's GK Volume knob to adjust the volume of the GR-20 sound, and use the guitar's volume control to adjust the regular guitar sound.


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