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Divided Pickup

Q.The string height is arranged in a curved arc between the first and sixth strings (not flat) to match the curved fingerboard. Can I adjust the GK-3 pickup to match this arc so that the input sensitivity in consistent from string to string?

A.Yes. The GK-3 has an adjustment screw that allows you to adjust the pickup to match the natural arc of the guitar's fingerboard (this arc is called the fingerboard's "radius"). This ensures uniform pickup output from string to string, no matter what the fingerboard radius may be.

The radius (R) adjustment on the GK-3 covers a range from approximately 184R to 400R.

Following are approximate fingerboard radius specifications for popular guitars:

--Typical Stratocaster-type guitar: 184R
--Typical Gibson-type guitar: 300R
--Typical modern rock guitar with locking tremolo: 400R


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