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Q.The V-Accordions are all-digital instruments. What are the main advantages of a digital accordion over an acoustic accordion?

A.Because they create sound using digital technology, the V-Accordions have the following advantages over acoustic accordions.

    The fully customizable "accordion of your dreams"
  1. Up to seven treble reeds can be individually selected to create your own original accordion sounds.
  2. You can switch between the distinctive sounds of accordions from around the world, including bandoneon, Tex-Mex, and Alpine. Musette tuning is also provided, and you can adjust the detune depth to match the song you're playing.
  3. The left-hand button arrangement can be switched according to your performance needs. In the normal Stradella Bass mode, you can have bass buttons in either two rows or three rows. You can also switch them to the advanced Free Bass mode.
  4. In addition to accordion sounds, the V-Accordion includes sounds that take full advantage of the expressive power of the bellows (e.g., flute, sax, organ) as well as sounds that are played without operating the bellows (e.g., piano and guitar). Both acoustic bass and electric bass are provided for bass sound variations.
  5. Reverb, chorus, and delay effects are built-in, adding depth and spaciousness to the sound. You can use these effects to make the melody stand out, and to create the sensation of playing in a concert hall.
    Ease of use that's only available with a digital accordion
  1. The volume can be adjusted as desired, and headphones can be connected as well. This allows for quiet practicing without disturbing others.
  2. No reed maintenance is required as with an acoustic accordion, and accurate tuning is maintained at all times.
  3. Since you connect the V-Accordion directly to an amp or mixer, you don't have to worry about microphones and acoustic feedback.
  4. You can use a wireless system for audio transmission, allowing you to move freely on stage just as when playing a conventional acoustic accordion.
  5. (For the FR-5, FR-7, FR-5b, FR-7b only)
    The foot switch/battery charger (FBC-7) allows you to switch registers or turn the sustain effect on/off by foot. The V-Accordion can also be powered from the FBC-7, so you can hold and play the V-Accordion without the weight of the battery.
  6. By connecting the V-Accordion via MIDI to an external sequencer, you can record and playback your performance. You can also connect external MIDI sound modules, allowing you to play an unlimited number of sounds from the V-Accordion.


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