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Q.What is the significance of Roland producing the V-Accordion, a digital version of the accordion?


Because of the simplicity and "primitive" physicality of its ・・・

Q.How is the V-Accordion's PBM sound generator different from conventional sampling sound generators?


When an accordion sound is played on a sample-playback ・・・

Q.How does the V-Accordion’s playing feel compare to that of a conventional acoustic accordion?


Just like a conventional acoustic accordion, the V-Accordion ・・・

Q.As the world's first accordion with a modeling sound generator, what are the advantages of the V-Accordion?


The V-Accordion has the following advantages. ・・・

Q.The V-Accordions are all-digital instruments. What are the main advantages of a digital accordion over an acoustic accordion?


Because they create sound using digital technology, the ・・・

Q.I would like to play the FR-7 / FR-3s / FR-7b's sounds from a PA system. How can I set the volume of the PA system to prevent acoustic feedback?


The FR-7 / FR-3s / FR-7b's sound output is generated ・・・

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