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Music Workstation

Q.Is there a benefit to installing an SRX board in a compatible Roland synthesizer (such as Fantom-X-series) containing patches of the same name (such as “Orchestra” or “Strings”)?

A.The purpose of the SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boards is to offer owners of SRX-compatible instruments a user-expandable palette of high-quality tone colors, giving them an ever-broadening arsenal of sounds to use in their musical creations. Though some SRX-Series Expansion Boards may have patches that share the same names (as patches found in the Fantom-X's preset patch list), they are indeed different patches.

Though any two patches in the same general category (such as piano or strings) may sound somewhat similar, you'll most often find that one suits your musical needs better than the other. Also, don't forget that you're free to combine any of the SRX waveforms with the built-in waveforms to create your own entirely new patches.

We recognize, however, that sound choice is a personal one. Therefore, we suggest you go to your local Roland dealer and try out some of the SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boards with the Roland Synthesizers, and decide for yourself whether they suit your musical needs.


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