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Q.How can I use the USB port on a Fantom-X series instrument?

A.The Fantom-X series instruments are equipped with a USB port that allows you to transfer data to and from a USB-equipped PC via a USB cable. The type of data that can be transmitted depends on the Fantom-X's USB Mode setting. When the USB Mode is set to:

the Fantom-X can transmit and receive keyboard or sequencer performances to and from the PC in realtime as MIDI data. This allows the Fantom-X itself to function as a simple MIDI interface, eliminating the need for an external MIDI interface.

the Fantom-X functions as a USB mass storage class device. This allows you to transfer audio files, Fantom-X songs, and Standard MIDI Files to and from the PC. Using Storage Mode, you can import .WAV/AIFF audio files from a PC for use as sample data in the Fantom-X, or export samples created in the Fantom-X to the PC for backup storage. This export functionality also gives you a great method for distributing your Fantom-X music: After you've completed a song using the Fantom-X sequencer, use the Re-Sampling function to capture the song as an audio file. Then, export the audio file to your computer, and burn it to an audio CD or distribute it over the Internet.
When transferring files from a PC to the Fantom-X, differing file types must be in placed in specific folders in the Fantom-X directory. There are also other cautions that you must take into consideration when placing files in folders. For details, refer to "Cautions Regarding Folders and Files" in the owner's manual for your particular Fantom-X series instrument.


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