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Music Workstation

Q.In what main areas does the Fantom-X6/-X7/-X8 improve on the Fantom-S?

A.The Fantom-X6/-X7/-X8 has been improved over the Fantom-S in the following areas:

  1. The maximum polyphony has been doubled
    (128 voices for the Fantom-X-series vs. 64 voices for the Fantom-S).
  2. Newly developed waveforms have been added, and the waveform memory has been doubled.
  3. Color LCD display.
  4. Compatibility with USB-MIDI.
  5. Digital audio input.
  6. Compatibility with Compact Flash memory
    (requires a Compact Flash-to-PC card adaptor).
  7. Increased sampling memory expansion and card memory maximum size.

    Maximum memory size:
    Sampling memory:
    544MB (fully expanded with optional DIMM memory)
    Memory card:
    1GB (using optional Compact Flash and PC card adaptor)


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