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Music Workstation

Q.What are the Fantom-X’s sampling capabilities?


The Fantom-X’s sampling specification is:

  • 16bit, linear sampling
  • 44.1kHz sampling rate (fixed)
  • .WAV and AIFF file compatibility

Audio data sampled in the Fantom-X can be used as wave data for patch creation alongside preset and SRX Wave Expansion Board waveforms. The Fantom-X can also import and use .WAV and AIFF audio files, and can create multi-samples as well.

The sampling edit functions (including Chop and Normalize) have been enhanced, making them comparable with those found in dedicated samplers. In particular, editing using the built-in color LCD display on the Fantom-X6/-X7/-X8 is an enjoyable, stress-free experience. (Note: The color LCD display is not available on the Fantom-XR and Fantom-Xa.)


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