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Music Workstation

Q.Which types of media can be used to expand the Fantom-X’s memory? What is the maximum expanded memory size for sampling?


The Fantom-X-series can be expanded with the following memory types:

  • DIMM memory --installed internally and used exclusively for sampling.
  • PC card memory --installed externally using the PC CARD slot.
    (Smart Media and Compact Flash cards can be used with an appropriate PC card adaptor).

Memory details:

DIMM memory:
Expansion --- 1 slot (compatible with 128/256/512 MB 3.3V)

Memory size:
--- Fantom-X6/-X7/-X8
No DIMM expansion: 32MB
Maximum DIMM expansion: 544MB

--- Fantom-XR
No DIMM expansion: 16MB
Maximum DIMM expansion: 528MB

PC card:
Maximum memory size: 1GB (with Compact Flash card)


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