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Music Workstation

Q.What is the maximum sampling time available on the Fantom-X/Fantom-XR?

A.The maximum sampling time of each model is:

Approx. 107 min. (in monaural), 53 min. (in stereo)

Approx. 104 min. (in monaural), 52 min. (in stereo)

Approx. 102 min. (in monaural), 51 min. (in stereo)

The maximum sampling time is achieved with the DIMM memory fully expanded
(512MB DIMM plus the built-in memory).

A fully expanded Fantom-X has such a long sampling time that it can actually be used as a digital RAM recorder.

For example, you could start a song using the Fantom-X’s sequencer, and then use the sampling function to record a vocal and/or guitar part along with it. Then you could re-sample the entire song through the built-in Mastering Effect, capturing your mix as a .WAV or AIFF file. From there, you could use the Fantom-X’s USB connector to export that file to a USB-equipped computer for CD burning or further editing.


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