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Music Workstation

Q.The Fantom-X series’newly developed 88-note multi-sampled piano sounds incredibly present and rich. How did Roland make it sound so realistic? (Note: The Fantom-Xa does not include the 88-note multi-sampled piano.)

A.The most notable feature of the Fantom-X’s wonderful piano sound is that it uses memory lavishly--in fact, a massive total of 704 waveforms are used to create it. Stereo sampling technique is applied for each of the 88 notes to express even the slightest variations between the keys. In addition, each note incorporates four individual waveforms, providing four-stage velocity switching during playing.

This piano sound was the result of meticulous sound research. Our engineers devised the best sonic change in tone for each single note, and balanced that with the best sound resonance when multiple notes are played together. Ultimately, we believe this is “the best piano sound” for live stage and recording applications, one that responds well to all variations in playing dynamics and performance style.

We hope you visit your local music shop to play the Fantom-X-series, and experience its wonderful, distinctive piano sound (and to check out all of its other great features as well).


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