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Q.I understand that there's additional Fantom-S/S88 patch data for use with the SRX-03 Studio SRX and SRX-04 Symphonique Strings Wave Expansion Boards. Can this patch data be used with a Fantom-X series instrument equipped with the SRX-03 and/or SRX-04?

A.The additional patch data for the SRX-03 and SRX-04 Wave Expansions Boards was originally created for use with the Fantom-S/S88. However, you can use the Fantom-X Librarian to convert the data so it can be used with the Fantom-X6/X7/X8/XR/Xa.

The additional patch data can be downloaded from the following locations:
SRX-03 Studio SRX patches
SRX-04 Symphonique Strings patches

Once you've downloaded the patch data, use the following procedure to convert the data for use with the Fantom-X6/X7/X8/XR/Xa:

  1. Start up Fantom-X Librarian.
  2. From the [File] menu, choose [Import Fantom-S Files].
  3. Navigate to the Fantom-S/S88 patch data you've downloaded. The filenames will be SRX03AP5.fsl for the SRX-03 and SRX04AP5.fsl for the SRX-04.
  4. Select [Open].


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