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Music Workstation

Q.How can I restore the factory settings of the Fantom-S / Fantom-S88 ?

A.This restores all data in the Fantom-S / Fantom-S88 to the factory condition (Factory Reset). Use the following procedure:

1. Press [MENU]. The MENU window is displayed.
2. Rotate the value dial or press [CURSOR] to select and press [ENTER]
3. Press [4 (FACTORY RESET)].
4. Press [8 (EXECUTE)] to complete the Factory Reset.

"Please Power Off" will be displayed. To restore the factory settings, turn the power off and back on again.

CAUTION: If there is important data you've created that's stored in the Fantom-S / Fantom-S88 / Fantom-S / Fantom-S88's internal memory, please make sure it is backed up before performing a Factory Reset. All data is discarded when a Factory Reset is performed. If you want to keep the existing data, save it on a PC card or to a computer via USB before performing this procedure.


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