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Music Workstation

Q.What kind of memory media is compatible with the Fantom-S / Fantom-S88 ? What is the maximum size of the memory for expansion?

A.In the Fantom-S / Fantom-S88, there are two external memories, one for sampling (DIMM), and another for Patches, Rhythm Sets, and Performances (Smart Media). Both can be expanded as follows:

Sampling memory: DIMM 1 slot, 128MB/256MB (3.3V) available
Memory card: Smart Media 1 slot, 8MB/16MB/32MB/64/MB/128MB (3.3V) available

Note: Using sample data
The sampled data is recorded in DIMM, and disappears when power is turned off. You should save (write) it in either of the user memory or the Smart Media. The saved sample data can be played when being loaded to DIMM. The sample data is usually automatically loaded when powered on, but you can turn it OFF to manually load the desired ones.


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