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Fantom-X Audio Track Expansion Kit

Q.What are the Fantom-X Audio Track Expansion's audio tracks?

A.The Fantom-X Audio Track Expansion adds eight linear stereo audio tracks to the Fantom-X6/-X7/-X8's sequencer. Using these audio tracks, you can directly edit recorded or imported audio phrases in a song, allowing you to treat samples of vocals or guitars as if they were tracks recorded in a digital audio recorder.

Unlike sequence-triggered samples, the new audio tracks can be played back from any point within the song, and can be synchronized perfectly with the MIDI tracks, thanks to realtime time-stretching.

For your reference:
The audio tracks don't record the sample (wave data) itself--they record sample events, which provide sample-playback information to the internal sequencer(See Fig.3 Song structure). This is an efficient use of memory, especially when several tracks share the same sample.


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